10 Best Cheap Hotels in Naples Italy

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Ciao and welcome to a new article about the 10 Best Cheap Hotels in Naples, Italy. From luxury hotels to budget-friendly options, find your perfect accommodation today. Welcome to Naples, the city that effortlessly blends history, vibrancy, and unparalleled beauty. Nestled in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, Naples stands as a testament to Italy’s rich cultural tapestry and Mediterranean allure.

With its historic architecture filled with the aroma of authentic pizza, Naples is a treasure trove for those seeking an immersive Italian experience. If you have planned some days out in Naples without breaking the bank, this list of the 10 Best Cheap Hotels in Naples Italy is perfect for you. In this list, you will find many options for different kinds of travelers, but always on budget. Well, I don’t want you waste your time so go on discovering 10 best cheap hotels in Naples, Italy.

Correra 241 Lifestyle Hotel

Correra 241 Lifestyle Hotel
Best Cheap Hotels in Naples

The first hotel on our list is Correa 241 Lifestyle Hotel which is astonishingly cheaper than any other average hotel. It comes under the category of a 3-Star hotel and is considered cheaper among other 3-star options. Even though it is a budget-friendly hotel, it never fails to satisfy guests and provides an amazing experience.

If we talk about guest satisfaction, it holds the legacy of happy guest ratings. Besides its incomparable value and high customer satisfaction, Correra 241 Lifestyle Hotel features an advantageous location that makes it simple for visitors to experience the wonderful city of Naples.

After a day of seeing the city’s colorful streets, the hotel provides an atmosphere of relaxation with its warm and stylish interiors. Additionally, this is a great value to have room service, bar, parking, and free breakfast included. Travelers will also have the advantage of laundry availability, air-conditioning, and multilingual staff.

Moreover, another cool factor about this hotel is that it is located almost in the heart of the city. This means you can easily explore Naples and see all the cool stuff it offers. Overall, the Correra 241 Lifestyle Hotel is a great place to stay in Naples that won’t hurt your wallet.

Book a room at Correra 241 Lifestyle Hotel in Naples, Italy

Convento Hotel
Best Cheap Hotels in Naples

Hotel Il Convento

Hotel Il Convento is a charming 17th-century building located in the heart of the Spanish Quarter, also called Quartieri Spagnoli. It has been converted into a hotel and now features a convenient on-site bar, a 24-hour reception, free breakfast, and the choice of paid parking at a neighboring garage.

The rooms are large and allow a maximum of five individuals to sleep. For extra comfort, each one has a minibar and a private toilet. Due to its excellent position, the hotel is only 1.3 kilometers from Castel Dell’Ovo and the famous Galleria Umberto I.

Furthermore, visitors can easily find many restaurants to munch within easy walking distance. Hotel II Convento is a cheap hotel in Naples Italy which is perfect for exploring and enjoying local cuisine. Whether you are traveling with family or friends, this hotel offers comfortable accommodations. Furthermore, providing easy access to some of the city’s most popular attractions is best. It makes it an excellent choice for a memorable stay in Naples.

Book a room at Hotel Il Convento in Naples, Italy

B&B Arte e Musei Best Cheap Hotels in Naples

B&B Arte e Musei

B&B Arte e Musei offers warm and inviting lodgings with guest rooms equipped with a private bathroom. Travelers can come to enjoy a complimentary breakfast served every morning in the shared dining area.

You should consider staying at B&B Arte e Musei for a warm and comfortable experience. You will have easy access to explore these fantastic attractions and indulge in the city’s history and art. And guess what? Two of these rooms have lovely balconies to relax and enjoy the Italian ambiance.

The breakfast is shared in a shared space which is a friendly space where you can meet and chat with other travelers, making your stay even more enjoyable. B&B Arte e Musei offers a unique and charming experience where you can feel the true spirit of Naples.

Whether you love art, history, or just wandering around, this place promises a memorable stay. Embrace the warmth and charm of this Italian city as you create wonderful memories during your stay at this lovely bed and breakfast.

Book a room at B&B Arte e Musei in Naples, Italy

The Dante House Best Cheap Hotels in Naples

The Dante House

Step into a world of vibrant colors and beautiful design at this budget-friendly Naples hotel. Even though it is a cheap hotel in Naples Italy, The Dante House has rooms embellished with pretty color furniture, stunning wooden wall panels, and elegant ceilings. Moreover, you will have a private balcony to enjoy the fresh air and a relaxing view.

Despite the luxurious feel, this hotel is surprisingly affordable. The smartly designed bathrooms add to the perk of a comfortable stay. But the goodness isn’t limited here. The location is simply unbeatable. The hotel is in the heart of Naples, which means you are just steps away from the impressive National Archaeological Museum. Imagine being this close to a treasure of history and art!

The elegant decor and fantastic location make this hotel a true find for any traveler. Whether you’re here to explore the rich history or just chill in the lively atmosphere of Naples, this budget-friendly option is the perfect point for your adventures.

Book a room at The Dante House in Naples, Italy

House Toledo
Best Cheap Hotels in Naples

House Toledo

Welcome to House Toledo, where you’ll find modern and well-equipped apartments that will make your stay in Naples a true delight. If you’re fond of shopping, the Galleria Umberto I shopping arcade is only 400 meters away. What a joy!

Each apartment is equipped with a handy kitchenette. So you can prepare your favorite meals and snacks. Some apartments even have two-story floor plans, providing ample space for you and those accompanying you. Imagine having a cozy living room to relax and make wonderful memories together.

Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, or a family, House Toledo is among the best budget hotels in Naples, Italy, to suit your needs. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a modern home away from home as you explore the beauty and culture of Naples. With these well-equipped apartments and their fantastic location, your Naples adventure is bound to be unforgettable.

Book a room at House Toledo in Naples, Italy

Gramsci Suites Naples
Best Cheap Hotels in Naples

Gramsci Suites Naples

Among the category of cheap hotels in Naples Italy, Gramsci Suites comes in. It offers simple and comfortable lodgings with bathrooms, desks, and wardrobes in each room. Plus, you get a free continental breakfast to start your day.

This cozy B&B is conveniently located less than a kilometer from Cappella Sansevero and the old town of Naples. You won’t need to go far to find great places to eat as restaurants and grocery stores are just a short walk away.

Gramsci Suites is a great option for those looking for a basic and affordable place to stay, with easy access to transportation and nearby attractions. Enjoy a comfortable stay and a good breakfast as you explore the wonders of Naples.

Book a room at Gramsci Suites in Naples, Italy

Domus Deorum Deluxe
Best Cheap Hotels in Naples

Domus Deorum Deluxe

From the moment you arrive, the hosts will greet you warmly with a bottle of bubbles to make you feel special. Throughout your stay, they will take care of you, providing excellent service and attention. They go the extra mile to make your experience memorable, like preparing a breakfast basket outside your room if you have an early flight.

They will also give personalized recommendations for the best places to eat in town, ensuring a delightful dining experience. Not only are they great hosts, but they also pay attention to every detail in the rooms. You will find lovely marble sculptures and murals inspired by Fornasetti, making your stay even more unique and charming.

Book a room at Domus Deorum Deluxe in Naples, Italy

Ciao Bellini
Best Cheap Hotels in Naples

Ciao Bellini

Staying at Ciao Bellini Hotel you will have the fantastic opportunity to choose from various rooms with unique charm. You can opt for several kind of rooms, ready to satisfy all your needs. No matter which room you select, each comes with a state-of-the-art 4K Smart TV.

And let’s not forget the convenience of the location! The nearest metro stop is only three minutes away, making it a breeze to explore the city’s vibrant streets and attractions, even if you’ve indulged in a few glasses of wine!

Overall, this hotel offers a blend of fun and glamour that will make you feel like a true star during your entire stay. Immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of this former theater-turned-hotel, and create unforgettable memories in this extraordinary setting.

Book a room at Ciao Bellini in Naples, Italy

Hotel Piazza Bellini
Best Cheap Hotels in Naples

Hotel Piazza Bellini

Piazza Bellini is a lively place in Naples where locals gather to relax after work or have dinner with friends. Nearby, there is a cozy hotel with great service. It has a lovely garden with beautiful fountains and simple rooms with stylish chairs. Some rooms even have private kitchens.

As a guest, you will get a complimentary drink, and a minibar with free soft drinks. The square is full of life, and the hotel offers a peaceful environment. You can experience the rooms to be comfortable and stylish. Alongside free drinks in your room, you get a minibar full of refreshing drinks to enhance your stay experience. Staying at Hotel Piazza Bellini is a great place to experience the true spirit of Naples and create wonderful memories.

Book a room at Hotel Piazza Bellini in Naples, Italy

Annunziata Bed and Breakfast
Best Cheap Hotels in Naples

Annunziata Bed and Breakfast

This bed and breakfast is beautifully designed with bright colors that will make you feel sunny and happy, especially if you’ve been enjoying the lovely Italian weather. They have different rooms decorated in blue, green, yellow, or orange, with big comfy beds and lots of relaxing space.

If you want to enjoy the Italian sunshine all day long, choose a room with a balcony. It’s the perfect spot to soak in the warm rays and enjoy the view. Guess what? They love pets at Annunziata Bed and Breakfast in Naples, so feel free to bring your furry friend along! Just give them a call beforehand to make sure everything is ready for your pet’s stay.

And if you’re traveling with the whole family, don’t worry! They have a kids’ club available, so the little ones will have plenty of fun activities to enjoy. Enjoy the colorful and inviting atmosphere, the sunny balconies, and the warm hospitality during your time at this lovely place.

Book a room at Annunziata Bed and Breakfast in Naples. Italy

10 Cheap Hotels in Naples, Italy: Now It’s Your Turn!

In conclusion, choosing one of the 10 cheap hotels in Naples doesn’t mean compromising on comfort or missing out on the city’s rich offerings. Embracing a stay in a budget-friendly hotel opens the door to a world of affordability without sacrificing the essence of this captivating Italian destination.

So, whether you’re a backpacker, a savvy traveler, or simply seeking value, Naples has a budget-friendly embrace that ensures your Italian adventure is both memorable and easy on the wallet. After all, in Naples, the allure of the city is not determined by the price tag on your accommodation but by the richness of the experiences that await. If you are organizing a trip to Naples, Italy, give a look to the last free guides I posted on the Blog.

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