10 Wonderful Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View

Hotel Maison La Minervetta
Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View

Ciao and welcome to a new free guide about the most wonderful Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View. In this article, I will show you themost wonderful Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View that captured my heart. And yes, I want you to feel the same vibes I felt. Sorrento is a popular tourist spot in Southern Italy, in the center of the Sorrentine Coast, near the Amalfi Coast.

Overlooking the Bay of Naples, Sorrento is situated on sea cliffs and captures a visitor’s heart with its disarming views of the sea. If this beautiful town, known for its sweeping waters, is where you’re headed to vacation, you must make the best of your visit by staying at a hotel with a sea view.

After all, why would you want to miss out on having your main character moment by pulling down the curtains and revealing a breathtaking view of the sea? Add a cup of coffee; the final scene would make the perfect “Good Morning” Instagram story. For a memorable stay, below is an exquisite selection of the most wonderful Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View. Are you ready?

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Best neighborhoods where to stay in Sorrento

Sorrento is a wonderful little town in the heart of Sorrentine Coast, characterized by incredible sea views and a slow life. In fact, strolling around the street of the Historic Center, you can order a cappuccino and a cornetto in a cafeteria, and spend your whole morning reading a newspaper at the café. Well, this is a typical Sunday morning in Sorrento! 🙂

Moreover, Sorrento offers a delightful tapestry of neighborhoods, each with its unique charm. The Historic Center, with its narrow cobblestone streets and bustling atmosphere, is ideal for those seeking proximity to local markets and vibrant piazzas.

Marina Grande, a picturesque fishing village, provides a more tranquil seaside retreat, offering stunning views of the harbor and a quieter ambiance. For panoramic vistas and upscale experiences, the Sorrento Hills offer a serene escape from the bustle.

However, if you crave the perfect blend of accessibility, a touch of luxury and incredible sea views, these neighborhoods are perfect. In fact, they effortlessly capture the essence of Sorrento, with their proximity to the main square, Piazza Tasso, and easy access to the seafront.

In this article, I listed the 10 Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View that you should take into consideration while organizing your trip to the Sorrentine Coast. You will fall in love with these hotels, I promise!

Hotel Belair

Hotel Belair
Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View

Hotel Belair tops the list of the Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View. Situated on the cliff tops, at a 10-minute walking distance from the city center, Hotel Belair offers the best views of Sorrento.

In particular, the hotel rooms come with a stunning view of the sea and offer everything a resident could require. Air-conditioning, continental breakfasts, minibars and safes are only a few amenities that you can find here. In fact, the guests at this hotel have access to an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and beautiful terraces with views of the Bay of Naples.

A highlight that must not be missed is that guests at Hotel Belair can explore the coasts, sailing through the hotel’s private yacht. The a la Carte restaurant at the hotel called the Calypso, which is also open to non-residents, offers excellent cuisine with stunning views to the customers.

Book a room at Hotel Belair in Sorrento, Italy

Hotel Maison La Minervetta
Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View

Maison La Minervetta

Another of the Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View is Maison La Minervetta. Some present a neutral design, while others offer a bright one, like red, orange, or blue stripes. Many also have floor-to-ceiling windows with breathtaking views of the sea. Moreover, all the spacious, pine-floored rooms are air-conditioned.

Sitting on a sea cliff overlooking the Marina Grande and being only 0.4 miles from the city center are two of the most important features that add value to this hotel, especially for tourists. Moreover, the hotel gas many amenities, such free Wi-fi, continental breakfasts, and private bathrooms with hair dryers. Guests also enjoy access to a refreshing pool, a sidebar, and an engaging art lounge. Wonderful!

Book a room at Maison La Minervetta in Sorrento, Italy

Grand Hotel Ambasciatori
Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View

Grand Hotel Ambasciatori

Grand Hotel Ambasciatori is another 5-star hotel in Sorrento, characterized by stunning views due to its location on a cliff. Packed with luxurious facilities, this hotel offers enchanting views of the Mediterranean Sea and many luxurious amenities.

The in-house facilities include a private beach, a hair salon, a gym, and 2 bars. The two restaurants serve ravishing Italian, international, and local cuisine with garden views. In addition, a dynamic room makes it one of the best hotels in Sorrento for families.

Featuring a flamboyant interior, the hotel rooms come with double-glazed windows, high ceilings, comfortable beds, and a balcony. I am pretty sure that you agree with me in considering it one of the Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View. Book a night at Grand Hotel Ambasciatori for a lavish, peaceful and incredible stay.

Book a room at Grand Hotel Ambasciatori, in Sorrento, Italy

Grand Hotel La Favorita
Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View

Grand Hotel La Favorita

Grand Hotel La Favorita is one of the top picks in this list, due to its privileged location in the center of Sorrento. The rooms feature elegant wood furniture, a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and a minibar. The rooftop terrace overlooks the Gulf of Naples to die for.

The rooftop also has a pool, the “Bella vista Cocktail Bar” with live music, and a remarkable restaurant. These wonderful features make Grand Hotel La Favorita one of the best 5-star hotels in Sorrento, Italy. A single stay will make you realize the romantic magic of Sorrento.

Book a room at Grand Hotel La Favorita, in Sorrento, Italy

Grand Hotel Royal
Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View

Grand Hotel Royal

With a stay at Grand Hotel Royal in Sorrento, you will be only a 2-minute walk away from the Museum Correale. Built in the 1960s, the hotel has a grand Italian style and overlooks the incredible Gulf of Naples, offering serene views to its residents. Grand Hotel Royal is part of Alberghi Storici d’Italia (Historic Hotels of Italy), one of the most important categories in the world of Italian Hotels.

The elegant rooms with hand-crafted furniture come with marble bathrooms and some with balconies allowing the guests to soak up the sea air and relax. To win over the foodies, the hotel has a snack bar serving pizzas and a refined restaurant with a delightful breakfast buffet.

This hotel stands out with the private on-site beach, the lush palm tree garden with a pool, and the piano bar with a scenic terrace. The large pool has a stunning view of the Gulf of Naples that you can admire while relaxing in the water. Moreover, the wellness center and the gym are perfect to experience a luxurious and healthy stay in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

Book a room at Grand Hotel Royal, in Sorrento, Italy

Hotel Lorelei Londres
Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View

Hotel Lorelei Londres

One of my favorites among the Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View is Hotel Lorelei Londres. This is because the hotel overlooks the beachfront, providing guests with panoramic views and fresh coastal air. Hotel Lorelei Londres is a great place to stay in Sorrento, with a long history and a recent renovation.

Guests enjoy amenities such as an Italian, vegan, or vegetarian breakfast, with view. In fact, many clients say that breakfast is outstanding, with fresh products prepared in a fantastic way. Moreover, each room has air-conditioning, a coffee machine, and a hot tub. They also have access to the hotel’s rich garden and the large terrace, where you can relax and enjoy a drink while admiring the sunset.

Everyone who stays at the hotel can enjoy an ideal setting to bask in the sun, complete with a private beach, sun loungers, and beach umbrellas. The Lorelei Restaurant, serving Italian cuisine, has interesting dining options, making Hotel Lorelei Londres one of the most popular 5 star hotels in Sorrento, Italy.

Book a room a t Hotel Lorelei Londres, in Sorrento, Italy

Hotel Bellevue Syrene
Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View

Bellevue Syrene

Hotel Bellevue Syrene guarantees a stay as beautiful as its name. It is built upon the ruins of a Roman Villa, but adorning in a trendy style. Only a 5-minute walk away from the Sorrento Center, this hotel has a bold yet chic style. In fact, its beauty attracts many American tourists who choose to spend their honeymoon in Italy. What a romantic choice!

A SPA and a gym are a few facilities the hotel boasts for the guests to indulge in. Charming rooms have large balconies, cozy beds and well-crafted furniture. With hotel walls adorned with antique frescos and fishponds brimming with waterlilies, Hotel Bellevue Syrene is perfect for a romantic getaway.

Book a room at Bellevue Syrene, in Sorrento, Italy

hotel Parco dei Principi
Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View

Parco dei Principi

Situated on a cliff, Parco dei Principi in Sorrento Italy makes an excellent choice for a remarkable retreat. Thanks to its strategic position on a cliff, the Hotel is literally on the sea. In fact, you can reach the beach using the private passage from the hotel. On site amenities include a restaurant with scenic garden views, a relaxing café, and a bar. A sauna, a steam room, and an indoor pool make up the hotel’s trendy 3-level spa.

Many fabulously furnished rooms come with jaw-dropping views of the sea through windows. The 2 in-house restaurants serve international and Mediterranean cuisine. Moreover, a continental breakfast is available daily on the terrace. Well, a wonderful way to start your day in Sorrento, Italy!

Other amenities, such as a free fitness center, a private beach, and a summer-only swimming pool, seal the deal, making the hotel a perfect choice for a splendid vacation. Finally, a short walk of 15 – 20 minutes from the Hotel will lead you to the center of Sorrento. Amazing!

Book a room at Parco dei Principi, in Sorrento, Italy

Hotel Continental
Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View

Hotel Continental

The charming Hotel Continental offers its guests nothing less than an extraordinary experience. Thanks to its perfect location, the edge of the sea, and its incredible interior, Hotel Continental is one of the most popular Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View.

Ensuring an unforgettable visit, the hotel offers everything to the guests, from swimming pools to free Wifi. With a rooftop restaurant and a bar overlooking the Bay of Naples, the guests enjoy succulent food or drinks and a gorgeous view of the water. Behind the hotel’s bright yellow exterior are the lobby with ceilings and chandeliers and the rooms with simple yet classic décor.

The guests are guaranteed a pleasant stay with air-conditioning, minibars, and small flat-screen TVs. Moreover, if you choose to stay in Deluxe or Suite rooms, you will receive 100€ credit to spend at the restaurant of the Hotel. It’s a great deal!

Book a room at Hotel Continental in Sorrento, Italy

 Grand Hotel Europa Palace
Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View

Grand Hotel Europa Palace

Last but not least on this list of best Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View there is Grand Hotel Europa Palace. This hotel charms its guests with its sparkling clean rooms and modern facilities. It’s impossible not to be enthralled by the picturesque sea views from the hotel rooms. The on-site restaurant has an intimate ambiance and serves Mediterranean, Italian and international cuisine for dinner. Moreover, it has an incredible wine list that will leave you speechless.

Guests can wow themselves by enjoying the views of the garden, private beach, and a seasonal swimming pool equipped with sun loungers. Moreover, the hotel rooms ensure a comfortable holiday with well-built furniture and warm, cozy beds.

Book a room at Grand Hotel Europa Palace, in Sorrento, Italy

Most Popular Hotel with A Sea View in Sorrento, Italy: Share Your Favorite

Sorrento is one of the gems of Sorrentine Coast, ready to give you breathtaking views and unforgettable moments. The city has something to offer in each period of the year, from summer sunny days to Christmas vibes in December. In each case, Sorrento will be a perfect stop for your long trip to Italy.

If you are organizing your long trip to Italy, give a look to these free guides:

I hope that this long guide about the 10 most popular Hotels in Sorrento Italy With Sea View will help you organize your trip in an easy and funny way. Please, if you decide to book one of the hotels of the guide, send me an email to marianna@theitalianvibes.com or leave a comment to share your experience. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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