How to Plan a Stay in Amalfi

Ciao and welcome to a new article dedicated to how to plan a stay in Amalfi. In this free guide, you will discover everything you need to know to organize your best stay in Amalfi. In particular, I will give you the best advices about how reach Amalfi by car, by train and by airplane for a better trip. Moreover, I will give you some advices about how to park you car without paying a lot of money. Well, I don’t want you waste more time so let’s dive into the most important things that you have to know to plan your stay in Amalfi. Ready? Go!

Planning Your Amalfi Vacation: A Local’s Guide

Ready for an unforgettable Amalfi adventure? Whether it’s a weekend escape or a week-long stay, Amalfi has something magical to offer. As someone who hails from a quaint town near the Amalfi Coast, I’ve spent my youth immersed in the charm of Amalfi. Let me share my first-hand experiences and practical tips to help you plan your perfect trip.

Nice to Meet You

Before going on discovering things to know to make your stay in Amalfi unforgettable, give me some seconds to introduce myself. Hi, and welcome to my Blog. I am Marianna, the Founder of Theitalianvibes, the Blog dedicated to the best Italian stuff. I come from a little town near Amalfi, so I spent my whole youth going out in Amalfi and Amalfi Coast. So, I can say that I know these amazing places as my pockets!

For that reason, in this Blog you will find only practical and useful information that will help you organize your ling trip to Italy in the best way. The only thing that you have to know if preparing your coffee cup, choose a comfortable sofa and start reading.

Choosing the Right Time

Skip the crowds and discover Amalfi’s true beauty during the quieter seasons—spring and fall. In fact, from April to June, mild temperatures and blooming flowers create a picturesque backdrop. September to October brings pleasant weather, fewer tourists, and lower accommodation prices. Avoid the summer hustle of July and August, when it becomes packed and navigating the coastal roads turns into a challenge.

Personal Note: Growing up near the Amalfi Coast, I’ve explored its wonders in every season. Trust me; spring and autumn offer an authentic experience minus the crowds.

Italy is Famous for AMALFI-COAST

Getting There: Your Journey to Amalfi

In the heart of Italy’s Amalfi Coast lies a hidden gem, a town that whispers tales of ancient allure and coastal splendor. Amalfi, with its dramatic cliffs cascading into the Tyrrhenian Sea, unfolds a canvas of unparalleled beauty.

Picture vibrant bougainvillea draping over pastel-hued houses, secret staircases leading to panoramic vistas, and quaint piazzas buzzing with life. Venture beyond the tourist troves, and Amalfi reveals its well-guarded treasures – tucked-away trattorias serving culinary poetry, secluded beaches inviting whispered conversations, and historic gems where time seems to stand still.

Join me in unlocking the mysteries of Amalfi, as we delve into a guide that transcends the ordinary, promising an odyssey through hidden corners and breathtaking landscapes. Ready your senses for an expedition into the soul-stirring beauty of Amalfi – an experience that transcends the ordinary and immerses you in the extraordinary.

By Plane

Fly into Naples Airport for easy access to Amalfi. Consider taking a bus to reach the town from the airport, but for flexibility, renting a car in Naples remains my top choice. Public transportation on the Coast can be unpredictable, and a rental car provides freedom to explore.

My Tip: DiscoverCars is my go-to for renting vehicles globally. Their platform offers great deals, and subscribing to their newsletter keeps you in the loop about discounts.

By Car: The Scenic Route

Embark on a breathtaking journey by car along the iconic State Road 163 Amalfitana. Winding roads, cliffs, and sea views make for an unforgettable drive. Trust me; it’s a love-at-first-sight experience. Follow these simple steps to turn your arrival into an unforgettable journey:

  1. Rent a Car: Begin your adventure by renting a car from Naples Airport. Opting for flexibility, this choice allows you to savor the coastal beauty at your pace.
  2. Head South on A3 Motorway: Exit the airport and merge onto the A3 motorway, heading south towards Salerno. The journey sets the stage with glimpses of Naples’ urban charm.
  3. Merge onto A2 Motorway: Merge onto the A2 motorway, continuing southward. As urban landscapes fade, the azure hints of the Tyrrhenian Sea signal the proximity of Amalfi.
  4. Transition to SS145: Take the exit towards the SS145, the enchanting Amalfi Coast road. Brace yourself for a visual spectacle as the route winds along the coast, offering postcard-worthy views.
  5. Marvel at SS145’s Beauty: Navigate the twists and turns of the SS145, reveling in the cliffs plunging into the cerulean sea. The charming villages and lemon groves enhance the journey’s allure.
  6. Arrive in the town: Follow the signs leading to Amalfi, and as you approach, the town reveals itself in all its coastal glory. Finding parking may be a challenge, but the journey’s end promises the charm of Amalfi’s historic streets.

This scenic drive from Naples Airport to Amalfi transcends transportation – it’s a voyage into the mesmerizing landscapes that define the Amalfi Coast. Pack your sense of wonder, and let the journey unfold.

Local Insight: Having driven these roads countless times, the scenic beauty never fails to captivate me. Biased, perhaps, but I find it unmatched.

By Hydrofoil: Sea Views

Opt for a ferry from Naples or Salerno to savor the sea views on your way to Amalfi. Departing from Salerno takes about 40 minutes, costing around 10 euros. From Naples, it’s an hour and a half, or a faster hydrofoil journey takes just under two hours, costing around 30 euros.

Embarking on a hydrofoil journey from Naples to Amalfi is not just a commute; it’s a passage through a maritime dreamscape. As you board the sleek vessel, the engine’s hum anticipates the nautical escapade ahead. The hydrofoil gracefully departs from Naples, leaving behind the city’s bustling energy, and soon, the coastal symphony unfolds.

Gazing out from the hydrofoil’s deck, the Bay of Naples reveals its treasures – the charming town of Sorrento, adorned with citrus groves, and the picturesque village of Positano, draped along the cliffside like a watercolor masterpiece. The sea breeze carries tales of these coastal wonders, teasing your senses with the promise of Amalfi’s imminent embrace.

As the hydrofoil glides through the cerulean expanse, the Amalfi Coast unravels its scenic poetry. Catch glimpses of hidden coves and pastel villages clinging to the rugged cliffs. The sensation aboard is not just a physical journey; it’s a cascade of emotions – the anticipation of discovery, the tranquility of the sea, and the awe inspired by the coastal marvels.

My Experience: The sea journey to Amalfi unveils the coastal magic, providing a unique introduction to this enchanting town.

stay in amalfi

Where to Park Your Car in Amalfi

Parking can be a challenge in Amalfi. In fact, in the enchanting labyrinth of Amalfi’s narrow streets, finding an available car park is difficult. The charm of this coastal gem comes with a caveat – a scarcity of parking spaces that can turn your exploration into a vehicular odyssey.

The quest intensifies during peak seasons when the influx of eager visitors converges. The struggle to secure a coveted spot becomes an inadvertent initiation into the intricate dance of Amalfi’s urban rhythm.

Luna Rossa Parking, standing as a sentinel at the entrance. Negotiating for a day-long sanctuary may be a tactical challenge, especially during the bustling peaks, but the endeavor is worthwhile for those craving the Amalfi experience. While hourly rates range from 3 to 5 euros, negotiating a daily rate of around 30 euros is worth a try.

Insider’s Tip: Luna Rossa Parking, close to the Atrani-Amalfi tunnel, offers convenience and peace of mind. Negotiate a daily rate for extended stays.

Share Your Amalfi Tale

Ready to embark on your Amalfi journey? I hope that this article will help you organize your stay in Amalfi in the best way, without getting crazy looking for a car park! If you are organizing your long trip to Amalfi Coast, read these Free Guides I posted on my Blog:

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